The overall concept and theme of our project was to look at the harm of C02 Emissions and to talk about them in reference to the current effects, leading on to future effects. Focusing on young and/or new drivers as a target audience, we are trying to make them more conscious of how much they drive and how often they use cars despite it not always being necessary. The overall design of both the website and video shows the contrast of both the future and the present time. This is shown through the video clearly, and the website with the involvement of images and text from newspapers etc, to contrast back. The colour palette chosen also i think adds that futuristic vibe and intensity that we were going for. The research that we put into this helped us immensely as it gave us a solid direction forward. We looked at movies and simple images that we liked, then tying these back into our topic. The animatic shows the possible effects of these car emissions, where at the start that change of date from 2018 to 2045 is shown, followed by the characters who are applied with SPF +1000. This and he other little details presented are some of the things we decided early on in our process, to over-eventuate what the future would look like to show the harm that future generations are being born into. We backed the website and animatic with strong facts that were researched into at the start of the topic to help us gauge an understanding and put us into a direction to share what we found.


Website Decisions

Throughout the website creation, I made a lot of changes to it. I kept to the wireframe and made little design decisions here and there to make sure the final outcome looked like I wanted it to. Wether this be the change in fonts, wether or not I wanted the text to be in columns, the images used, where the video was placed etc. Each decision affected the outcome. Firstly regards to the font choice, I wanted to use an older script font that contrasted what the video was talking about and the whole futuristic theme of the rest of the website. I felt as if a lot of the other Google Fonts were quite bland but this added a bit of character and life into the website. The text was hard to decide on. I liked the idea of columns under each picture, but it kind of broke up the website in a way that to me wasn’t appealing. Maybe in the future I could of had no text on the home page and just had clickable images which lead to something else. The images were the one thing I wanted to get right. When doing research and seeing other students website’s, I noticed a trend of computer generated graphics and images that to me all looked rather similar. Not to say that this is a bad thing, but it doesn’t really bring in an extra element or that thing that draws your attention. So I decided to work with a different medium. Again I tried to contrast that futuristic idea, with the old ragged newspaper look. This I thought made the website interesting and did add that idea of drawing your eye in. I placed the video at the top of the page as I wanted it to set the tone of the rest of the website and initiate the ideas going forward.  Ben – Designfordisplay

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Four our topic we chose co2 emissions from vehicles in New Zealand. With drivers of any licence class as our target audience.

Driving & Climate Change

There is widespread agreement that the Earth’s climate is warming up. There is also a strong consensus that human activity is highly likely to be contributing to and causing much of this warming. A persistent human activity like driving cars, produces greenhouse gasses that gather in the atmosphere, wrap around the earth and trap the sun’s heat.

Modern vehicles are becoming cleaner, greener and more fuel efficient as engine technology improves. Increasing the number of hybrid and electric vehicles on our roads, will contribute to a more environmentally friendly landscape.

Motion Graphic 

Set in 2045, the video follows a narrative showcasing certain themes that most likely will be apparent in the future, resulting from Carbon dioxide vehicle emissions. These themes include: extreme sun exposure, effects on water resources, biodiversity, our health.

What Can We Do?

Our call to action is simple. “Drive Less,” although it reads rather blunt, it’s as simple as that. If New Zealanders who hold any class of a driver’s license, simply didn’t rely on driving as much as they do, a lot of these predictions won’t become a reality.